Logica to bag smart meter project deal?

I have been tipped off that Logica, or CGI as it is now known following its acquisition by the Canadian firm, is going to be awarded the contract to run a core part of the smart-metering project.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has put out notices to IT suppliers to get involved. This includes operating what is known as the Data Services Provider. This will be independent of the utility firms and make it easier for consumers to change suppliers.

I asked CGI but it would not comment apart from confirming it is bidding for the deal. “The Data Service Provider will develop and operate a data application that will link gas and electricity meters with the business systems of service users,’ said DECC.

DECC said: “[CGI] is bidding for the Data Services Provider contract but final tenders were only received for this on Monday and evaluation of final proposals only begun this Tuesday and, as such, no one knows what the outcome of this competition will be, within DECC or anywhere else.

A decision in principle will not be reached until late July and an announcement is not likely until early September.”

Apparently the role of the Data Services Provider has been scaled back

I have written quite a lot about the GB smart meter implementation programme. It is a big project that will harness the IT services market and there are a lot of points of failure. The project has already suffered its first delay.

The project has been put back a year to give suppliers more time to create the communications network that will underpin it. According to Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) the target for the introduction of smart meters in homes by the summer of 2014, has been put back to the autumn of 2015. The project, originally planned to be complete in 2019, will now go live in 2020.

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