Lobby group distances itself from claims it influenced immigration policy for Indian suppliers

Cross industry parliamentary lobby group Eurim has distanced itself from allegations that its chairman MP Margaret Moran used her influence to change the government’s immigration policy.

The story alleges that Moran boasted about getting the government to change its plans to tighten up the rules which were being used by companies, including large Indian IT suppliers, to bring oversees workers to the UK on Intra Company Transfers (ICTs).

A Eurim spokesman told me that the organisation has not lobbied in regard to the points based system (immigration rules) and if Moran has made claims of doing so it is without the Eurim backing.

“When this issue came up because Intellect had a group looking at this issue we passed it to them and we did nothing.”

In response to the allegations a Home Office spokesperson said: “ICTs are controlled under the points based system (PBS) and was designed to allow multinational companies to transfer staff to a skilled job in a UK branch of the company for posts that would not otherwise be filled by resident workers.

“The PBS was developed over a number of years in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders — all the consultation materials are currently available on the Home Office website.

“The independent Migration Advisory Committee has also provided government with advice on how it can tighten the rules for workers entering the UK through the intra-company transfer route, which it has accepted, this includes extending the time someone has to have worked for a company overseas from 6 to 12 months before they can come to the UK.”