Less than half of UK businesses offer IT graduate trainee positions

Here are more shocking results from the survey created by a reader of this blog. Light is being shed on the state of the UK IT profession.

A total of 170 IT professionals completed the survey.

On Monday I blogged the results that showed that less than 20% of offshore IT workers in the UK have specialist skills, Tuesday revealed that 80% of IT professionals have had no real pay rise in five years and then yesterday I showed results that revealed results that showed that Half of UK IT professionals have received no training in last five years.

Today we can see that less than half of UK businesses that rely on IT, have taken on graduate IT trainees in the last two years.

Add this to the results of a recent e-skills survey, which revealed that less people are studying IT, and there is a shocking indictment of IT skills and training in the UK.

Why is this? Are UK businesses pinning too much faith on offshore services or has the recession just meant their priorities lie elsewhere.

The survey asked IT professionals the question: How many UK/EU graduate trainees has your organisation taken on in the last 2 years?

And the survey said:

Graduate trainees.jpg

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I missed the survey unfortunately but that result backs up my own experience. I used to train graddies as part of my job; up until about 2001. But for the last ten years, during which time I have worked for three different IT/telecoms firms, I haven't encountered a single graddie in any of the teams. Every techie under 35 in my office is on short term contract from India. That's not because of any skills shortage; its because, my employer has told me, the company policy is to resource all projects "in the most cost effective way possible". So UK graduates are never sought.