KPMG's sourcing operation facing lawsuit in Sweden

It looks like KPMG‘s sourcing operation is facing a legal challenge in Sweden. The report below describes how manufacturing firm Husqvarna is claiming it has had bad advice and is suing for 18 million kronor (£1.7m)

The article in Swedish is below but before that is a Google translation into English. I am trying to find out more but I am having some language problems. If anyone knows more details please let me know.

Google Translation:

The company Husqvarna calls in a lawsuit 18 million of consulting firm KPMG Sourcing. This is because Husqvarna says that they have been duped by an advisory mission. In a lawsuit now requires Husqvarna to KPMG Sourcing repay his fee of 18 million dollars. 2009 began an investigation of Husqvarna’s computer system which then was outdated and expensive. They appointed as KPMG, which would reduce costs by 200 million over five years after a so-called outsourcing of IT functions. According to Husqvarna, the company has made major errors in his advice on an analysis of Husqvarna’s computer system. According to the lawsuit dealt with a number of figures wrong and in fact turned out the decision would entail a cost.

Original article:

Bolaget Husqvarna kräver i en stämningsansökan 18 miljoner kronor av konsultföretaget KPMG Sourcing. Detta eftersom Husqvarna menar att de blivit lurade vid ett rådgivningsuppdrag. I en stämningsansökan kräver nu Husqvarna att konsultföretaget KPMG Sourcing betalar tillbaka sitt arvode på 18 miljoner kronor. 2009 påbörjades en utredning av Husqvarnas datorsystem som då var omodernt och dyrt. De tillsatte då KPMG som skulle sänka kostnaderna med 200 miljoner under en femårsperiod efter en så kallad outsourcing av IT-funktioner. Enligt Husqvarna har företaget gjort stora fel i sin rådgivning vid en analys av Husqvarnas datorsystem. Enligt stämningsansökan hanterades en rad siffror felaktigt och i själva verket visade sig beslutet innebära en kostnadsökning.

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