Is there a bright side for L&G IT staff as they face transfer to a supplier?

The latest outsourcing plans by Legal & General made me think about how the staff must feel receiving an email which basically said that if a contract is signed “you will probably not work here anymore.”

It might involve relocating and a massive change in working culture.

If you look at this blogs Ousted Blogger posts you will get a feel for the situation for many workers transferred to suppliers. In this case the Ousted Blogger was transfered to an Indian Supplier and later made redundant.

The email sent to Legal & General IT workers telling them about the management’s progress in selecting possible suppliers to take over its IT infrastructure and some IT services must have set minds into overload.

Being told that you will be transferred to a supplier as part of an outsourcing deal is not nice. On many occasions it often leads to people leaving their jobs and even being made redundant.

You only have to look at the industrial relations strife at the DWP and the BBC to understand that TUPE transfers are not perfect for everyone.

But there is hope. If you didn’t see it I recently wrote a blog post about Bob Scott of Capgemini. He transferred to a company later acquired by Capgemini from British Coal in the 1980’s as part of an outsourcing deal.

He went on to hold several senior global roles at the outsourcing giant. He said it opened up lots of opportunities for him. Most IT workers have the skills to do many jobs if they out their minds to it. Scott chose business development but their are other potential roles within suppliers.

So could being transferred to a supplier actual be a way for IT workers to build more diverse and even more successful careers?