Is the system integrator party over as app store shakes the status quo?

So the government’s App Store is here. 1700 services from 258 suppliers at the push of a button.

The government has launched its CloudStore. This is its version of the App Store which will give public sector organisations access to approved cloud-based applications at the touch of a button.

Read more about it here

Read this blog post by Eleanor Stewart, engagement manager for the G-Cloud programme, and click the link within it to all the suppliers that have got on the list.

So from next month, when the services are approved, public sector bodies will not only be able to take advantage of the lower cost of cloud services but they will also have a choice.
Services will be available in four categories: infrastructure, platform and software as a service, plus consultancy services.

The question is, how will this impact the big system integrators that do most business in government?

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