Is social media maturing to the enterprise?

When I look back at old stories for information about current works in progress, I often come across interesting comments made to me during interviews or at conferences in the past.

It is great when a comment made in the past can fit into the new story so succinctly.

About a year ago I was at an event about the use of social media in the banking sector. Basically the feeling was that social media will be an important advancement in banking, but not necessarily in its current form.

The comment I am talking about was in this article. It said: “Websites like Twitter and Facebook are just blips but it’s what comes after that matters.”

So what will come after I thought at the time. Then a year later Infosys launches its iEngage Digital Consumer Platform, which industrialises social media. A moment of clarity in the complicated world of the web.

I am currently working on analysis about the role the IT service providers will play in making social media ready for the enterprise.

Any thoughts?