Is government IT standardisation finally arriving?

IT suppliers and the government have begun signing agreements related to the governments drive to cut the costs of IT contracts.

From some of the comments made it looks like the suppliers will get their wish of working with multiple government departments with standardised services.

It seems the French companies have been the quickest off the mark with Capgemini today joining Atos Origin as the first two to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the government.

These companies are obviously saying the right things. One source close to discussions told me the government had received a mixed response from suppliers.

Details of what was agreed have not been made available but it looks like there are going to be more opportunities for the suppliers to standardise IT.

I say this because Atos Origin said: “The agreement marks the start of a new single-client approach to engagement with central UK Government.”

Meanwhile Capgemnini said : “…we have also put forward cross-government solutions, which will help achieve an efficient joined-up government in future”.

IT standardisation is seen by experts as an important development if the government is to cut the cost of IT.

So as it is the French companies nleading the way could Steria be the next to sign an MOU with the government?