Is In-house and crowdsourced software development answer to government's success?

I was at a preview of the work that has been done by the government to create a pilot of a website that will introduce a single domain for all government departments and services.

The pilot,, is an attempt to take away the pain of looking for information or accessing government services. From what I saw it looks good. See the article I wrote here for the full details.

The government want you to test it out. See it here for yourself and be part of the testing.

I think there are a couple of interesting elements to the development that has been done.
Most .gov websites are outsourced, some fully and others the software development. But this one is different.

Following a report from Martha Lane Fox about government digital services, a team was put together to build a pilot of a single URL for all digital government services and websites. The team is made up using existing public sector workers with some UK contractors also brought in to work on the development. But it is being managed by teh government.

In the past IT service providers would build different websites and use resources scattered all over the place. But this team has been holed up together for months using agile development techniques.

And to test out the pilot they are asking people to have a go. Here is the website. You must remember it is only an early pilot to get feedback.