Infosys industrialises Twitter, Facebook, Bebo etc.

I interviewed Infosys’ head of SaaS, Pradeep Prabhu, yesterday. We were discussing the company’s latest platform.

I will write an article about the iEngage Digital Consumer Platform, as it is known, but here is a quick glance.

I found it interesting because I often read articles about businesses using social media to support their businesses. But I always think companies will have to use customised software packages to make it work rather than just use the applications available online such as Twitter, Facebook and Bebo. But they won’t want to do it themselves and probably don’t have the internal skills anyway. So service providers will be called upon.

The Infosys platform ticks quite a few boxes in terms of market trends.

So basically millions of people and corporates all over the world are increasingly using social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers. The Infosys platform industrialises these types of platforms with an enterprise ready bundle.

This is all to support the increased demand from businesses to use online tools to better serve and understand customers.

So that’s one box ticked.

The platform:

1 – The first part of the platform supports sales and marketing through ensuring the business is getting the right online information, via social media, to and from customers.

2 – The first part links into an eCommerce system which enables customers to immediately buy in the same place as they receive information.

3 – Then comes the customer care part of the platform which manages the customer’s purchase lifecycle.

4 – The final piece of the pie is employee collaboration platform that helps the business share knowledge. This enable information to flow between employees and customers, employees and employees and employees and managers.

The next box that is ticked is the fact that the service is available in the cloud.

And another box ticked is by the fact that Infosys customers in the finance, high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and retail  sectors are trying it out.

This is a market segment that will see lots of innovation and IT buyers need to get their heads around it.