India's dominance as offshore IT location being diluted

Effective alternatives to India for IT services are reducing its dominance as an offshore location for large businesses, according to Gartner.

But where are the alternatives and who is using them?

There are, according to Gartner, 30 leading global locations for offshore services as well as another 50  other options that “have either started initial activities to establish an environment attractive to companies considering investing in lower-cost countries, or become home to external service providers that are beginning to sell services abroad.”

Businesses are trying to create global delivery so are buying services from across the globe.
According to Gartner Currently 63% of global buyers of IT services use Latin American locations, 63% use locations in Asia/Pacific and 55% use locations in EMEA.

In Latin America Mexico servers 50.2% of businesses offshoring IT to the region, while Brazil has 46.8% and Argentina 22.1%.

The EMEA’s biggest offshore service provider is Poland with 25.3% of businesses using the region buying from Poland. Russia has 19.2% and South Africa 16.6%.

In Asia/Pacifc 48.5% of IT services buyers get services from India with China close behind with 45.9% and Malaysia 13.9%.

Western European buyers predominantly use India (35%), Poland (21%), Brazil (18%) and China (16%). The UK is probably even more dominated by India because of the language advantage.

Ian Marriott, research vice president at Gartner says IT suppliers are spreading their resources to meet customer desires to globalise. “Providers are beginning to de-focus further investments in India and will aim to create critical mass across a number of these centers.”
“This will allow them to establish a global delivery network through a combination of common methodologies, tools, processes and procedures, to provide seamless and consistent delivery capabilities to their customers, wherever they are located.”

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