Indians can get offshore qualifications from the UK

The British Computer Society (BCS) is spreading its reach to IT professionals in India by striking a deal with an Indian IT qualifications provider.

The deal with a company called Brilliant Examination Provider, will Initially see the Indian organisation offer the Institute’s latest qualification in Green IT as well as Software Testing and Business Analysis certifications, before gradually expanding its offering of the Institute’s qualifications.

But won’t this just put UK IT staff under pressure? Surely Indian workers that get BCS recognised qualifications will be used to replace UK workers in offshoring deals. Or is the deal with Brilliant a brilliant idea?

Just because these workers are equally qualified doesn’t mean they will be paid the same. Hence they will always be attractive to cost cutting UK businesses.

From recent blogs I have done it seems that workers that have lost out to offshore workers are very unhappy that they lose out on the fact that they cost more.

Please read this blog and the comments to get the views of workers that have lost out in offshoring contracts.

I am not against offshoring work as long as workers in the UK are not cut because they cost more. Everyone loses out because the offshore workers are underpaid and therefore under valued as well.

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There are some people who are bound to lose in the outsourcing industry. It's not always a fair game. Providing qualification test is somehow a light at the end of the tunnel as it ensures the high quality standards that companies could acquire from the offshoring industry. I would have to agree with you that there should be a fair treatment as well.