Indian suppliers welcome tougher policing of intra company transfers

The meeting between the UK organisation that represents many IT professionals and the Indian outsourcing trade body revealed some common ground.

I blogged earlier this week about how Apsco CEO Ann Swain was asked by a company representing Nasscom in the UK for a meeting.

Apsco as we all know are hardy campaigners against what they allege is the abuse of the ITC migration system by Indian service providers and their customers.

It is a controversial subject because UK workers are losing their jobs to offshore staff, who are paid less.

So controversial is the subject that the Tories have got in on it and said they will set limits on the numbers of ICTs; cap it, in other words.

It seems the common ground they found was that caps wouldn’t work. But better policing would be good. (There was however lots of disagreement.)

Apsco is not against ICTs, because they are an important way of filling skills gaps and making the UK competitive. Nobody wants protectionism. But Apsco is against the rules being bent.

ICTs are only permitted if the offshore worker receives the same pay as local workers and if there are no local skills to do the job. But this is often not the case.

And Nasscom agrees that it should be policed better, because it believes it has nothing to hide. In fact it welcomes closer scrutiny. I suppose to clear the air.

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I am sure many NASSCOM members work within the rules, but bend them to the limit to maximise profit. Maybe that is true of successful businesses in general.

However I have been in touch with ICTs from some NASSCOM members and their payslips etc do not reflect the salaries on their work permits/visas. They know it is some tax dodge. It is probably legal, but allows them to underpay their workers and undercut UK workers.


Tell me this isnt a blatent abuse of the system, they dont stand much of a change of finding someone with that skillset for 250 a day.....The going rate is nearly 500, this is a blatent abuse of the visa system and companies like this should be stopped....nascom or no nascom, they are taking the michael..