Indian firm TCS takes Home office contract from under Capita's nose

Interesting story today that India’s biggest IT services firm has won a major government contract from under the nose of the UK’s Capita.

According to the Public and Commercial Services Union, “Capita members who work on the Criminal Records Contract in Liverpool have been informed that the Home Office has announced its intention to award the DBS contract to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Home Office is currently finalising discussions with TCS on the implementations plans of the 5 year contract which will start in 2013.”

Capita has been running the Criminal Records disclosure service for over 10 years. The contract is worth hundreds of millions.  It had been shortlisted for a contract on the government’s new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). But it looks like TCS has got it.
DBS is the merger between the Criminal Records Bureau, that helps employers make recruitment decisions, and the Independent Safeguarding Authority, which prevents unsuitable people from working in certain places.

With cost cutting on the agenda in government it was only a matter of time that Indian firms started winning government contracts. Even sensitive ones it seems.

How far will the coalition go in its bid to get the best price it can for services?