Indian IT supplier's responses to question over hacking scandal

When the phone hacking scandal was all over the news, just before the shock news that News of the World had been closed, there was a lot of talk of emails being delated.

I must admit the whole thing was so shocking I hardly even though of the outsourcing angle.
Recently however a couple of people have asked me what happened in regards to the emails and the Indian IT supplier who provides IT services to News International.

News International’s supplier HCL was asked questions by the Home Office select committee and has been helping the Metropolitan police with its investigations since May 11th this year.

HCL Technologies said in a statement: “HCL continues to co-operate with the Metropolitan Police and the Home Affairs Select Committee in their investigations and has responded to all requests for information and clarification received to date.”

Click this link for the responses to the three questions that the MPs asked HCL regarding News International’s emails.