Indian IT giant could soon target UK SME

I was with TCS’s UK head A S Lakshmi today.

Just a routine update on what TCS is doing.

One of the interesting things was the fact that the company is running a trial of an SME service in the cloud in India. If successful this could come to the UK.

He says the problem for suppliers attempting to succeed in the SME sector is the fact that it is fragmented and companies do not all fit into a single mould. “They have the same requirements of large companies but it is difficult because they are very fragmented.”

But cloud computing will reduce the overheads of serving a fragmented market. Spoecially designed SME business services in the cloud.

So a supplier that boasts some of the biggest corporates in then world as customers might soon have something for the SME sector. Lets face it the SME sector could benefit from some of the innovations of suppliers like TCS.

If cloud computing can lower the cost of delivery and make it profitable for service providers then why not. In total the SME sector is bigger than the large enterprise sector.