Immigration cap about point scoring, not improving economy with skilled immigrants the scapegoats

In this blog I tend to write a lot about the immigration cap in terms of its lack of control over the use of Intra Company Transfers (ICTs), but there is another important story that becomes from the cap and impacts UK IT.

Tier one immigrants, who are highly skilled, are the group that have been hardest hit. You could say while the businesses that use ICTs to bring in cheap labour have been let off the Tier ones have been used as a government scapegoat.

Tier one immigration visas were cut from to 1000. There were 6000 last year but the government is of the opinion that these people are doing low skilled jobs, such as flipping burgers and driving taxis.

But there are some highly skilled people, including IT specialists, that are contributing to the UK economy but will be shown the door. Unlike the big businesses that rely on ICTs they cannot curry favour with the government. These people that make their own way to the UK and find work themselves competing equally with locals are a soft target for a government desperate to fulfil a pre-election pledge.

One of my blog posts has had a discussion develop around it and a tier one immigrant, who is an IT worker (from his user name probably a programmer), has made his or her views known. Read the post and the comments here.

This is what tier one immigrant working in IT had to say about the immigration cap: “[The government]  tackled the visa category which was easier to tackle and does not involve EU or businessmen even though it makes the least difference. But hey, all that British public needs is that this government has fulfilled its promise of capping the immigration!

“Highly Skilled Migrants/Tier 1 General” are not same as Intra Company Transfers. To be eligible for Highly Skilled Migrant, one needs a masters degree, English language, age, experience and salary of £40,000 in past 12 months but no job offer. Nothing to do with any company or outsourcing. ICTs are the actual problem and they have not been touched! Highly skilled migrants pay all UK taxes and national insurance as any other UK citizen but do not get anything in return.”

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My advice, for what it's worth, don't get into the trap of defending foreign workers because they are "highly skilled" or else you'll see the CV fraud we're seeing over here, and the pious pronouncements over how great it is to have these folks while your native talent gets put out for the trash collector.

What about your own "highly skilled" workers? What about your citizens who could become highly skilled except that the rungs of the ladder to get there are clogged with foreign wannabes? That's what we have over here and it ain't pretty. We've got scads of foreign guestworkers over here, practicing ethnic nepotism on the job, calling themselves immigrants, and lobbying our elected representatives as if they were the citizens and not us. They take credit for everything good that we have, never mind history and evidence.

Cutting back, cutting way way back, is a good start and I hope my country will see the light and start doing the same.

Interesting insights here. Well based on the world economy of the past decade, I can't say that I didn't see this one coming. It's mostly our government's fault, corrupt individuals are corrupting everyone along with them.

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