If Wipro wants 50% of European staff to be locals it had better get its act together.

When I met Wipro’s European head, Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, back in May I blogged about the fact that Wipro said it was struggling to find European staff despite the its efforts.

He said Wipro is finding it difficult to find staff to fill roles across Europe and that there were hundreds of vacancies.  “We have hundreds of on site jobs not filled because I am finding it difficult to get the staff.”

He told me at the time that he could fill the roles from India but wants to fill these roles with locals as part of its plan to increase the proportion of staff in Europe that is local. By the end of this year it wants to have 50% of European staff local to the region.

He said he was not sure whether this was a result of a skills shortage or if Wipro is looking in the wrong places. He also said that contrary to popular belief, bringing staff over from India is more expensive that recruiting locals in Europe. He said the combination of the salary they must be paid as well as flights and family support makes it much more expensive to bring staff from, India.

After I wrote that blog three experienced readers applied for UK jobs on the Wipro website. But after over two months their online applications are still stuck on the “To screen” point of the application process.

Is the system broken? How will Wipro hit its target to have half of European staff locals?

I asked Wipro what is going on and it seems Wipro’s problem now is that there are too many people applying for jobs with it.

Pradeep Bahirwani, vice president of talent acquisition at Wipro had this to say: ” In the past few months we have seen a significant increase in the number of job applications. We have a robust systems & screening process in place, in line with global standards. As there has been a spike in the volume of resumes, priority of screening is given to resumes tagged under specific job positions which are active and open. We have taken proactive steps to optimize the screening process given the recent increase in the number of applications coming in.”

Has this Blog  increased job applications at Wipro? Sadley I doubt it? 

If Wipro wants 50% of European staff top be locals it had better get its act together.

Anyone else stuck in the Wipro recruitment system?

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What can you say about that?

I'm absolutely staggered by their response!

I'd say that my applying for an 'active and open position' with a resume that shows, probably 95% of what they were looking for, and a job that was only 35 miles or so away from home, was hardly being handled by a robust screening process, in line with global standards, bearing in mind that my resume went to them nearly NINE WEEKS ago, and is still 'waiting to screen'

I can feel (yet) another letter to my MP coming soon!

I wonder if it would also be possible for someone within Wipro to clarify exactly what they mean by it being "much more expensive to bring staff from India."?

Surely, they should be able to work out that bringing in such 'expensive' workers isn't really commercially viable, when there's so many 'local workers' who wouldn't cost them as much?

Someone, somewhere, appears not to be telling the whole truth!


I guess they thought that by not advertising very well, they would not get many applicants but, with almost 50 thousand unemployed IT workers in the UK, they have been caught out and are now choosing to ignore applications.

Choosing applicant is not really easy. Screening applications and doing minutes interview are not enough to get better person that fit for the job.

I've had a resonse to my application. My skills are a perfect match but I'm too senior for the role. Either it's age discrimination (I'm 40) which is illegal I believe, or they just don't want the position filled. The recruitment agent who contacted me said they were having a struggle to find someone too. It doesn't add up to anything other than the obvious really.

So they are now using an agency to filter the huge choice of highly skilled talent available to them in the UK but rejecting people on the basis on having too much experience?

Where you willing to work for them for the salary they were offering?

A major factor in Wipro's inability to source local staff is that they have introduced mandatory terms of business to be signed by publishers before any Wipro jobs can be advertised in their titles. Anyone unwilling to concede to these terms of business will not be able to advertise Wipro jobs. Clearly this will give rise to a situation where "Wipro is looking in the wrong places" because they aren't able to advertise their jobs in the right places!

Given that Top-Consultant.com is one of the most important sourcing channels for consulting organisations hiring in the UK market, introducing terms of business that prevent us from working with Wipro does not sit well with the assertion that they are doing everything they can to hire locally does it? Hopefully someone with some influence at Wipro will be able to take a second look at these issues; three years ago Wipro were hiring very successfully in the UK market but now with these adverse changes I cannot see them fulfilling their aspirations...