If IT professionals have it hard, what about poor comedians, models, magicians and acupuncturists?

The Daily Mail wrote an article about the upcoming immigration cap yesterday.

It uses some of the figures I blogged about in July but is worth mentioning following the government’s decision to exempt Intra Company Transfers (ICT). A decision which unemployed IT professionals in the UK will find it hard to take. IT workers form overseas are the largest group that use the ICT route.

The ICT route can also been used by commentators, comedians, ice hockey coaches, magicians, acupuncturists, disc jockeys, models, and polo grooms and players. In recent years, businesses have even brought in waitresses from outside the EU.

Although when you look at the figures , not many of these groups have come to the UK on ICTs over the last decade. In fact most the occupations mentioned by the Mail saw no immigration to the UK using ICTs. Not like the Daily Mail to blow an issue like this out of proportion.

The Mail has got the figures from the same source as I did, answers to a question from Tory MP James Clappison. Well I actually got them via a contact.

Again here are all the figures on immigrant workers in the UK, what they do and where they come from.