IT workers at service providers face job insecurity in budget job backlash

IT professionals at IT service providers face as much job insecurity as their private sector counterparts. According to a Guardian report 1.3 million jobs could be at risk as a result of the austerity budget.

The figures are based on estimates if the impact the budget could have on jobs.

While up to 600,000 public sector jobs could go a total of 700,000 private sector jobs could be lost, says the report.

This could mean 100-120,000 public sector jobs and 120-140,000 private sector jobs be lost per annum for five years through cuts.

With IT projects in government being postponed or cancelled unemployment in the IT suppliers sector is innevitable.

But Jean Louis Bravard, director at Burnt-Oak Partners, says this could be an opportunity for the government to transform how it does things. This he says could see public sector workers move into the private sector.

He adds that many of the contracts signed by the government are there to cut costs therfore cutting them would not make sense.


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