IT services firms are being nice to sourcing advisers as they promote heterogeneous stacks

IT suppliers are attempting to create heterogeneous stacks of services including BPO, applications and infrastructure as the cloud increases demand for joined up services.

I had a quick chat with Jean Louis Bravard today. He is a director at sourcing consultancy Burnt-Oak Partners. He was telling me that is what the suppliers are struggling to build and he said they are trying to be very nice to third party advisers because they want their stacks promoted.

The bad news for most suppliers Bravard does not think they are able to offer heterogeneous stacks. Not yet anyway.

He is pretty close to both suppliers and business so understands both sides. Before Burnt-Oak Partners he was global head of Financial Services at EDS. He also had a long career in financial services, including being CIO at JP Morgan in the early 1990s.

He gave examples of where some suppliers have to up their game. He said TCS for example needs to improve its BPO offering and Wipro its infrastructure services.

There is also an accelerating move into consultancy services from the major IT companies.

If you see what the likes of Infosys are doing it is clear that the big suppliers want to broaden what they offer existing customers and win new ones through investing in different specialities. See this interview with Infosys’s global head of financial services.

He talks about Infosys boosting its platform as a service offerings as well as mobile. He also said the company is increasing its consultancy business. Fellow Indian suppliers Wipro and Cognizant are also investing in their consultancy arms.

With multi-sourcing almost a default strategy these days is this risky? Is it better to a Jack of all trades or a master of one?

What do you prefer?