IT service providers are all over the cloud but lack of standard prices confuse customers

Find an IT service provider today that doesn’t at least have a cloud offering on the way and you must be on another planet. IT service providers are getting to sell themselves all over again as the cloud delivery model garners interest.

But I interviewed the head of IT at credit company International Personal Finance (IPF), Andrew Herd, yesterday and he told me how difficult it actually was to find a supplier that could provide what the company wanted. He also said there were huge differences in the prices applied to very specific requests for a cloud service.

The first thing IPF did when it decided it wanted to move to the cloud was to go to 20 suppliers to see what they offered. IPF realised it was going to be a challenge when less than half had anything resembling what they needed.

Read the full article I wrote here to find out just what IPF was looking for. IPF went forward to request more specific details from the suppliers who it thought had a cloud service that might fit its needs. It asked them for prices specific cloud services, such as storage-as-a-service. When it got the information back it found a lack of consistency which reflects that immaturity of many of these cloud offerings.

This makes it difficult to chose between suppliers and to understand how mush cloud services should cost.

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