IT outsourcing predictions 2010 from Steria

Another set of predictions for 2010 and this time 12 from service provider Steria.

Actually quite a good list I think.

I think number three is interesting. Somebody mentioned that this would increase in outsourcing. Even sourcing firms will have to take on an element risk.

1 – 2010 will see applications management being largely influenced by offshore capabilities and pricing, giving new life to the sector

2 – New technology, such as cloud computing or software as a service, will be exploited

3 – Businesses should look at more innovative commercial models, seeing BPO as a partnership. This will mean both sides can share the risk and the rewards accordingly
4 – BPO bespoke growth will slow as it reaches its maturity. Instead, new offerings will reinvigorate the market such as multi-tower BPO, with companies looking at a combination of offshore, near-shore and on-shore BPO
5 – Buyers will be looking for business improvement, not just cost reduction
6 – The integration of IT and BPO will become key in 2010
7 – There will be a resurgence of offshore vendors entering the UK and Europe
8 – M&A activity will remain vibrant in the coming year
9 – The government is likely to show increasing interest in how IT can contribute to the green agenda to reduce the carbon footprint
10 – Due to the £175bn deficit, the government will also be increasingly receptive to new delivery models such as externalisation
11 – Government IT spending will come under increasing scrutiny and the focus will shift from policy to execution
12 – New regulatory changes in the financial sectors across all perimeters will dominate IT investment

And here are some more predictions for the outsourcing industry in 2010.

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But what do you think?

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