IT leaders may face recruitment challenges if Tories win

So the much awaited day of reckoning has arrived. The General Election is here.

I remember when the Tories were booted out in 1997. I was a student at the time and there was a feeling of renewal in the air. This time it’s a bit different with none of the parties really offering any hope.

But one thing that might change if the Tories manage to get a decent majority, which is unlikely, is that the number of IT workers allowed in the country from outside Europe will be capped.

What I was wondering is has David Cameron consulted his much hyped business leaders about this. Because without mentioning their company’s names many of them are serial offshorers of jobs.

You know the people I mean. That group of millionaires that complained about what they describe as “the job tax.” The national insurance rise to you and me. If they care so much about British jobs, why do many of them offshore work that could be done in the UK

IT workers are angry about jobs being filled by overseas workers when the skills are available in the UK. Businessess abuse the Intra Company Transfer points system to bring in cheap labour. But will the Tory caps work.

Most of the IT workers that have complianed about the massive influx of workers, mainly from India, do not actually agree with the Tories.

Many believe the current system that only permits workers to come in if a job cannot be filled by a UK worker, is fine but is not policed properly.

Here is a blog post I wrote about it in February.

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According to the latest e-skills report, there is still 4.7% unemployment in IT and 41000 UK IT workers unemployed and available to work. So I don't think IT leaders should be having any recruitment problems.

E-skills also point out that employers IT training is increasing slightly but still well below other sectors.