IT investment up, IT skills shortage up, IT outsourcing will follow.

Following its success as a way of cutting IT costs during a downturn, the IT services sector will step in and fill the IT skills gap now being created by the recovery.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (Apsco) today gave some good news to IT professionals. Research sponsored by the organisation has found that IT job vacancies in the UK are on the up. In actual fact there were 28% more jobs in May this year compared to May last year.

All this is the result of businesses spending on IT again. The media, finance and retail sectors are leading the way, according to the survey. See the I wrote article here.

The problem is this is creating a shortage in skills and some IT professionals are getting multiple job offers while others are getting double digit paying increases when the switch companies.

This could be just the right environment for IT services suppliers to step in and create relationships with first time outsourcers.

According to Apsco businesses are now trying to become more competitive as the economy recovers and are investing in IT to this end. The problem is if there is a skills shortage some companies will be slower to implement their strategies and will therefore lose their competitive edge. Unless they outsource to IT specialists.

This could be the beginning of a wave of outsourcing by companies trying to implement IT projects to support their strategies.

With the number of UK IT graduates falling the skills gap could become permanent.