How many of the 500,000 government job cuts will be in IT?

Danny Alexander’s accidental, or maybe deliberate gaffe, that revealed about £500,000 job cuts in the public sector must have sent shivers down the spine of people all over Britain.

The government CIO also reiterated a call, made by George Osborne, to Indian IT suppliers to bid for work, which would mean the offshoring of jobs.

Put these two things together, alongside the spending review, and you have to ask how many public sector IT jobs in the UK are about to be cut?

There are hundreds of thousands of public sector IT workers. There are even over 6000 that work in IT procurement at the MoD for example. The figure has come down in recent years because of outsourcing but it could be about to come down even more.

The government could outsource and offshore thousands of UK jobs without having to completely remove services.

If the public sector deficit crisis hits it as much as the finacial sector crisis hit banks, IT workers could bare the brunt of cuts and offshoring.