How is technology changing BPO deals?

I am currently writing a feature about the changing role of IT within BPO deals. A large part of the massive BPO sector is IT enabled and with the onset of cloud computing and increasing use of business analytics to get value from “big data,” IT will become even more important.

Successful BPO deals are already using IT to cut costs and allow them to get more out of the data being collected, but there is a lot more possible.

Cloud computing and data analytics are two technology areas that are currently offering businesses the opportunity to get more out of BPO.

Accenture recently told me that software-as-a-service (SaaS) means businesses can introduce the applications used in BPO agreements without the need for large upfront payments and as a result the early parts of BPO agreements are usually loaded with costs associated with technology.

In the past, a business would have to buy licences and install heavy-duty business applications as part of a BPO deal, but today they can sign up to cloud-based services and easily scale up and down the number of users.

Technology is also providing increased value from BPO relationships. The use of the latest business analytics software enables businesses to get more from the data being handled within BPO relationships.
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