Hope for Mckinnon, but has anything changed?

This is a bit off my beaten track as it has nothing to do with outsourcing, but as Computer Weekly has followed the case of Pentagon hacker Gary Mckinnon so closely I thought it worth writing about the latest developments to try and get some feedback.

Yesterday following Barack Obama’s address to UK journalists with David Cameron (see video below) there was a bit of excitement because Obama said the decision to extradite Mckinnon or not is in the hands of the UK legal system. That sounds positive to campaigners because the US has been pushing hard for him to stand trial in the US.

Gary Mckinnon hacked the Pentagon in 1999. The US government says he caused lots of damage. Mckinnon says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.


But despite the renewed hope in the campaign to stop the extradition does what Obama said actually change anything?

Mark Ballard is a journalist who has followed the case closely. He said: “Obama said, it’s in the hands of the British, we trust they’ll do it within the law. Cameron said it’s in the hands of the Home Secretary, we trust she’ll do it within the law. The law says there’s no reason to stop an extradition on grounds given. It’s not as hopeful as McKinnon’s Mum hopes.”

See these articles about Gary Mckinnon by Mark Ballard.

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Former Computer weekly journalist Ian Grant has also reported in depth on Mckinnon’s plight. Read an interview with Mckinnon by Ian here.




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