Home secretary to announce immigration cap at 3.30pm today

At 3.30pm Theresa May will announce the immigration cap that will start in April next year.

You can watch it live on Sky News here.

Speculation has it that the government will set the limit non labour immigration at 43,000 for the year beginning April 2011. This is the upper end of the range recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

I am interested to hear what is said about Intra Company Transfers (ICTs). Cameron said they will not be capped. The MAC said the should be.

If the government is to reduce net immigration to tens of thousands rather than 196,000 in 2009 it will have to somehow address ICTs which make up a large part of labour immigration to the UK.

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The MAC also said that if you aren't going to include them in the cap then you have to stop those on ICT moving onto other visas and remaining here. The Home Affairs Select Cmtt found that 30% of all people on ICT remain in the UK.