Has the UK IT industry imported its own cancer?

I have been blogging recently about the impact offshoring is having on the UK IT skills base. I have had some comments from people working in IT. These views are often the most telling.

Below is a comment left by a reader on the issue. It describes one side of the debate very clearly whether you agree or not.

the reason I highlight this is an invitation to people that argue that outsourcing does not contribute to skills shortage to give their views,

“As long as I T companies can find Indian I T workers with basic level skills, who are willing to work in the UK for very low wages and a visa, there will be no skills shortage as such. Maybe very poor skills, but as these visa chasers get skilled up at the expense of the initial clients, they will then look for other jobs and companies that will renew their visas. They will of course look for other Indian friendly companies to work for. The I T industry has imported its own cancer that will eat it from within. Having worked in the industry for many years, I suspect it will be many years before the country wakes up to having sold out UK jobs and an industry, just like it did manufacturing.”

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