Has government IT leadership got its teeth?

I wrote back in August about the fact that government IT leadership lacks the teeth required  to drive major change in the way departments use technology. 

Things like shared services, which are fundamental to cost cutting, are often ignored by individual departmental CIOs.


John Suffolk as CIO has done much to promote the use of shared services but does not have the authority to ensure government ideas are taken on board by departments.


The appointment of former government CIO and Accenture managing director Ian Watmore to the role of chief operating officer of the Efficiency and Reform group was seen as an appointment that might provide the enforcement muscle.


But a contact told me today that former Home Office commercial director John Collington, who has just become head of procurement of the Efficiency and Reform group, could be the most likely executive to push change. 


Although his job sounds like one to get the best price out of suppliers my contact reckons he could be the teeth.