Has Birmingham City council been brave or committed treason by offshoring jobs?

I blogged at the end of last week following the news that Birmingham City Council is to send up to 100 IT jobs to India.

I asked the question: What do you think of Birmingham City Council’s plan to offshore IT jobs to India?

This was multiple choice, with four options. These are:

The decision to outsource is

A – Inevitable
B – Brave and pioneering
C – Naïve and destined to fail
D – Other

So far I have had 28 respondents.

A total of 13 said it is naïve and destined to fail.
8 said it is inevitable
3 said it is brave and pioneering
1 said it is treason
1 said it is part of the UK’s financial suicide programme
1 said it is the result of economic illiteracy
1 said it is short sighted

Here are some of the comments left by respondents.

“The savings have to come from somewhere.”

“[This is] the right thing to do if it means cost savings which mean more and better services to the council tax payers.”

“Customer satisfaction will inevitably decline – public services need local knowledge.”

“If the council’s IT requirements were straight-forward there would not be a need for a massive IT contract with Capita. Offshoring will not offer BCC what is requires.”

“Local services should be delivered by local people. Service levels will decline and the cost will rise.”

“The Council has to reduce costs and offshoring will reduce IT expenditure whilst maintaining same level of service.”

“The hidden costs of offshoring, the huge amount of lost tax revenue for the government and soaring wage inflation in India makes this a very bad idea.”

The survey is still open so please fill in the questionnaire below.