HP CEO partly blames internal IT for company's problems - why not outsource?

HP CEO Meg Whitman has said poor internal IT systems have hampered the business. She blamed the lack of compelling sales and customer relationship management (CRM) systems within the company for some of HP’s problems. See her comments in this story.

Not only is this a poor reference for anyone thinking of outsourcing IT to HP but it also puts some blame on former CIO Randy Mott.

Perhaps Whitman is just having a dig at Mott because of his decision, as General Motors CIO, to insource all of its outsourced IT. Most of which is done by HP.

Whitman was talking about turning HP around when she mentioned the poor IT. Maybe she is thinking of outsourcing HP’s internal IT. Who would be up for that job? EDS? No that one’s lost its reputation. Perhaps IBM.

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Great story Karl

If the CEO said it, it must be true.

Not a good advert in diplomacy but then you need to be sure she knows that she has a services arm that specialises in outsourcing IT solutions. To date there is little evidence of this being so.

Pssst Want to buy a printer?

Morale is so poor at HP EDS that looking to EDS to supply services to itself would be inviting a disaster. I cant see why any company would consider this poorly managed company, with its awful reputation for handling staff as a viable outsourcing option. EDS was pretty smart in pulling the wool over the eyes of HP. It was in decline, it had management issues and morale issues it couldnt tackle, many of its largest customers were not and are not happy, HP was an opportunity to cash in and exit. HP is now stuck with some good contracts, but many very poor contracts and poor management and when they turn over all the rocks, they will really be surprised.