HCL discusses targeting potential customers unhappy with current suppliers

I caught up with Bindi Bhullar yesterday. He is a director in the UK at Indian IT services provider HCL.

HCL has been one of the fastest growing of a fast growing bunch of suppliers based in India over recent years so it was good to catch up.

Bindi told me about HCL’s strategy to offer a wide range of services. It offers services around application development and maintenance, infrastructure, BPO and a little consultancy.
This is interesting given what Jean Louis Bravard at Burnt-Oak Partners told me last week. He talked about how IT suppliers are attempting to create heterogeneous stacks of services including BPO, applications and infrastructure as the cloud increases demand for joined up services.

See this article: IT suppliers are attempting to create heterogeneous stacks of services.

Bindi said that a few years ago while some suppliers were focusing on areas of specialisation HCL decided to have a broad stack of services.

As a result today, although much smaller in scale. HCL’s DNA is more like that of a big global players like IBM, CSC and Accenture, he says. But HCL does not want to be too closely associated with these companies. “We push ourselves as the alternative player in the market,” he says. “There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the established players and  businesses are more open to talking to companies like HCL.”

This is the reason why in Europe HCL it is targeting on the re-bid opportunities. There are lots of contracts coming up for renegotiation as I recently wrote, and HCL is going for them.

Bindi says HCL is winning a lot of these deals because the big established players cannot compete with its flexibility due to their rigid structures. HCL can agree contracts that are highly bespoke in terms of the way to pay for the service and the way in which it is delivered.

And you cannot have a meeting with HCL without mention of its charismatic leader Vineet Nayar, famous for his strategy that put employees first and customers second, and of course his four letter word rant on Radio 4.

See this article for more on the strategy to put employees before customers. HCL’s Employees First Customer Second is more than shallow marketing slogan.

But if you want to hear about it from the man himself (pictured on right below) here is a recent Ideas Exchange on the BBC, which puts global CEOs in a room together to share ideas. This addition sees Nayar talking to Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault-Nissan.