HCL CEO says the fact that his teenage kids don't give a s**t about him, inspired company strategy

I have blogged and written articles about HCL’s strategy that puts employees first and customers second. The idea was created by Vineet Nayar, CEO at HCL.

This is where HCL empowers its workers so they can add value. The Employee First Customer Second strategy has been described in a book which has been published by Harvard Business Press.

Nayar said on radio 4’s Today Programme that his life at home bringing up teenagers inspired the strategy.

“[My teenage children] told me very clearly that they do not give a shit about me and as long as I am not democratic in my house, the house is not going to work.”

He said his household was run as a collaborative enterprise, with different opinions but converged actions, rather than the command and control in his parents’ house.

Click here to download a podcast of the Today Programme  interview with Nayar on the Employee First Customer Second strategy.  His interview starts 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the podcast. Beware of colourful language.