Government's tough love with IT suppliers

There is a really interesting article in the FT today. The story is talking about how the government, through its procurement strong arm otherwise known as the Cabinet Office, is getting tough on outsourcing service providers.

It describes the problems related to the G4S contract to provide security guards for the Olympics, when the company failed to meet its commitment.

But the FT article gets juicy because it reveals that two IT suppliers have been banned from tendering for government projects because they are deemed “too risky”. It has been revealed that Fujitsu is one of the companies banned but the other has not been named. Everybody I have spoken to about this thinks it is CSC.

Fujitsu, which is a major public sector supplier, has had some public problems with contracts such as its deal with the Highland Council in Scotland and a contract that failed to get going with the DWP.

CSC has had major problems with its contract with the Department of Health to implement Lorenzo patient records software to NHS trusts. But as I said it has not been confirmed whether CSC is one of the companies involved.

Any ideas who the second company is?

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