Government spending review should be starting pistol for reform through IT

KPMG has created a microsite dedicated to the government’s spending review. The fearfully awaited review is due on the 20th October and guarantees cost cuts across government departments.

Whatever happens IT services are set to play a key role in transforming government.

The business consultancy will be sharing its insights and giving its views before and after the spending review is announced.

Here is KPMG’s microsite if you want to keep up to date.

KPMG’s public sector boss, Alan Downey, says most public sector organisations are not really prepared for what is about to hit them. See this videocast by him about the spending review. 

He describes the review as the ” firing of a starting gun on the deepest and most prolonged period of public expenditure cuts any of us have ever experienced.”

He says its a once in a lifetime opportunity to change how things are done in government.

Sounds like an opportunity for innovative IT service providers to me.

He says the easy way to meet the challenges of the spending review is for each government department to cut services across the board. But the other option, which is preferred, is looking at ways of transforming how the public sector delivers services. The latter might actually require some IT spending up front, but will deliver savings in the long term.

Here is what KPMG’s head of global IT advisory, Bryan Cruickshank, had to say to me about cutting government costs. Note how important technology is in delivering this.