Government disappointed with some IT suppliers cost cutting proposals

A source close to the negotiations between the government and its main IT suppliers has revealed a mixed response from suppliers.

And the government is happy with some and not with the others.

The split seems to be along the lines of those offering standardised services and asking for the government making dealing with it easier, and those offering price cuts and asking for contract extensions.

Obviously those offering standardised services and a streamlining of government procurement are offering bigger long term cost reduction. It is these suppliers that are proving popular with the government.

The others are not going down that well.

I wonder which suppliers fall into which group.

Here are the suppliers if you want to have a guess.

HP, BT, Capgemini, Fujitsu, Capita, IBM, Telereal Trillium, Atos Origin, CSC, Logica, Steria, Oracle, Siemens IS, Cable & Wireless, Microsoft, Accenture, Serco, G4S, Vodafone