Government changes IT immigration rules

The government has made some changes to the law regarding workers from overseas working in the UK for their employers.

This comes after some advice from the Migration advisory Committe back in August.

I was with a campaigner against the alledged abuses of the Intra Company Transfer system as it is known by IT suppliers. IT workers make up the largest slice of ITC workers in the UK. Mist are from India.

He says the changes which mean a worker has to have been with their employer one year rather than six months to qualify for an ICT makes little difference.

Such is the controversy surrounding the ICT abuses that the Tory party has outlined its  policy. This will see ICTs capoped.

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The new rules have two shocking changes.

There will be a new skills transfer ICT visa to make it easier for jobs to be offshored.

The UKBA also appears to have uncovered that companies have been inflating what they pay ICTs to an 'artificial figure'. In other words companies have deceived the UKBA and their employees.