Gartner talks outsourcing industrialisation

I have just watched the first couple of presentations at the Gartner Outsourcing and IT Services Summit.

Just to get started here is a little post. I am hoping to blog throughout the event so will keep posts short.

On Friday I blogged about Gartner’s prediction that 30% of IT services, in Western Europe, will be industrialised by 2015.

The keynote and the presentation that followed had a strong focus on industrialisation. Basically these are standardised services that can be offered to multiple customers. They will often be delivered via the cloud and will be paid for in relation to their usage.

Analysts Claudio Da Rold and Ian Marriot did the opening presentation.

Here are some of the sound bites. Sorry if some are obvious.

“The European economy is moving.”

“Cloud computing is reshaping the services market.”

“We are moving very fast to industrialised services. Cloud computing is accelerating this.”

“The economic crisis lead to the development of industrialised services.”

“There is a slower recovery in IT services and revenue growth for suppliers will be low for several years.”

“It is possible for service providers to develop, implement and deliver a one to many service.” This could mean 60% to 80% cost cuts.



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