Fujitsu never gave DWP confidence in its ability to transition desktop deal from HP

The DWP’s decision to cancel a £300m-plus contract with Fujitsu to provide desktop support came as a shock but according to a source close to the deal the termination has been on the cards for six months.


The deal was signed in February last year and has been canned before any Fujitsu work has been done. Incumbent HP will continue to provide the services.


The contract would have seen Fujitsu provide support and services to 140,000 desktops across the UK as part of a £300m-plus deal. It was planning to use thin client technology to cut the DWP’s desktop IT costs.

According to a source close to the deal Fujitsu failed to perform any of the transition activities. “Fujitsu never managed to give the DWP confidence that it could do the job.”

He added that it must have cost Fujitsu a fortune and thinks it unlikely that the supplier will get the money back.