French banking giant SocGen could be outsourcing 400 back office roles to Accenture

According to Reuters French Bank SocGen is planning to transfer 400 back office roles to Accenture.

See the article here.

Bank outsourcing back office jobs might not seem particularly interesting or surprising story. Banks, particularly in the UK outsource heavily, but in France it will probably stir up a bit of industrial relations trouble.

Staff unions at SocGen have already called for a strike on January 8 in protest against the threat of job cuts and salary freezes at the bank.

I am interested in hearing peoples’ views about just how much more can be outsourced at UK banks? If you have any thoughts please leave a comment as I am planning to write an article on the subject.

KPMG’s latest UK IT Service Provider Performance Study showed once again that finance firms are the biggest spenders on IT outsourcing.

Financial services firms, accounted for 30% of the companies interviewed by KPMG. It revealed that they are the most likely businesses to outsource IT, with 58% of them likely to outsource more over the next year, compared with 44% of all companies surveyed.

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