Forget offshore, onshore and nearshore when you have Accenture's Geordieshore

There seems to be a trend of late of businesses talking up their onshore premises. In fact there is even talk of offshore contact centres no longer being as advantageous as people think. A combination of risks, rising wages and poor communication is making UK businesses pull back offshore contact centre investments.

During the current economic climate creating jobs offshore rather than in the UK is also an unpopular move, that local politicians might frown upon.

There are IT services creating jobs in the UK. And it’s not because of cheap labour.

I was pointed to an article in the North East press recently about Accenture’s investments in Newcastle. I am actually from Wallsend so I am a member of the Geordie Nation and an opportunity to big up Newcastle is a good one. Here is the article.

Accenture is increasing its presence in Newcastle where it has a global IT delivery centre.
15 years ago Accenture opened a UK centre to handle part of the UK technology consultancy services business, with an initial focus on businesses in the North of England. It grew to employ 205 staff.

A year ago the North East centre was turned into Accenture’s first UK global delivery centre outside London and now has a customers across the UK and overseas. It has added 68 staff over the past 12 months and it is moving into larger premises.

Accenture says it has no problem finding staff with the right skills. The Accenture development has even helped Northumbria University design IT courses so they are better suited to students finding jobs when they graduate.

We all know that IT service providers have a bad name for offshoring UK jobs by the shipload but the future could become very different as living standards in countries such as India go up and wages follow.

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