Europe hands UK 20,000 more Indian IT workers every year, says leaked document

It seems the new special relationship between India and the Europe is set to mean 20,000 IT workers from Indian will be permitted to the UK.

According to a Daily Mail article documents leaked to MigrationWatch, suggests a deal is done to permit between 35,000 and 50,000 work permits a year to skilled IT workers.

Because Britain has the biggest IT industry it would have to accept the most. Britain would apparently accept 20,000 compared to 7,000 by Germany and 3,000 by France.

Here is the full story

I blogged about this in October.

During the general election campaign the Tories promised a cap on the number of workers entering the UK. It seems that it will introduce a cap but make many exemptions.

The government has already said ICTs will be exempt from the cap. It is these ICTs that make up the majority of overseas IT workers in the UK.

There are high unemployment amongst computer science graduates in the UK.

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Just when you think the ICT salary cap might make a difference.

I'd like to look @ this in detail but I cannot believe it could be 20,000 per year, so in theory you could have 60,000 IT professionals from India working in the UK after 3 years, on top of those comming in on ICT?

It would pretty much destory any chance of a UK national getting a job because what companies will do is simply outsource their entir IT depts to Indian suppliers who in turn will use ICT and these work permits to staff them with Indian nationals.

(just like what TCS did with legal and general )

All over the Western world, Indians are using IT as a backdoor to gain visas for entry. Trouble is, not only do you get the worker, you get the family, the extended family and others. These are the ones who end up in crime, on state benefits etc. So the IT worker is just the thin edge of the wedge. Not the Indians fault if he wants to escape the slum that is India, and if they didnt export the mentality that has led India into its current mess, then well and good. But they dont. Indian IT companies should be deterred from bringing workers to the UK to act as consultants and contract programmers. I am sure the intention of the law is for companies to transfer internal staff, not low priced workers to compete with UK staff. In time, our IT workers will very much regret this. By the by, has anyone ever met one of these Indian workers that delivered a quality product, on time, or on budget. They dont exist.

Have to disgree with James there.

I do not object to ICTs because they are Indian, but because they are being used as cheap labour to replace UK-based workers (including UK workers of Indian origin). If an Indian on a legitimate visa can do my job better than me, while being paid a fair UK salary and paying UK taxes, then good luck to him/her: I'm not afraid of competition on a fair playing field.

The problem with the use of ICTs in the UK IT industry is that it's killing the industry and eliminating skilled jobs and opportunities for UK-based IT workers, as well as reducing tax revenues at a time when our country sorely needs them. British taxpayers are effectively subsidising the glorified corporate gangmasters who employ these imported computer trainees, while we are suffering massive public spending cuts ourselves.

But I've worked with plenty of ICTs, and though they were mostly inexperienced and relatively unskilled cannon fodder, they were perfectly decent individuals, not criminals, thieves or benefit scroungers (unlike their employers who use them to avoid paying UK taxes).

Every time this legitimate question is raised as to how ICTs are exploited by massive corporations to avoid taxes and destroy UK-based jobs, many in politics and the media try to paint these concerns as "racism", instead of challenging the powerful corporate and political interests who benefit from the gross corruption of the current system.

Racist accusations against Indians do not help our cause, and we would all do well to distance ourselves from such bigotry.

@Matt, well said. I agree with you totally.

the reason i am going to auz is because in the last couple of years upto 50,000 Indian IT workers have came to the UK, UK IT Graduates have no chance for a job