Europe hands UK 20,000 more Indian IT workers every year, says leaked document

It seems the new special relationship between India and the Europe is set to mean 20,000 IT workers from Indian will be permitted to the UK.

According to a Daily Mail article documents leaked to MigrationWatch, suggests a deal is done to permit between 35,000 and 50,000 work permits a year to skilled IT workers.

Because Britain has the biggest IT industry it would have to accept the most. Britain would apparently accept 20,000 compared to 7,000 by Germany and 3,000 by France.

Here is the full story

I blogged about this in October.

During the general election campaign the Tories promised a cap on the number of workers entering the UK. It seems that it will introduce a cap but make many exemptions.

The government has already said ICTs will be exempt from the cap. It is these ICTs that make up the majority of overseas IT workers in the UK.

There are high unemployment amongst computer science graduates in the UK.