Europe and US IT services spending 2013 revealed. Part one: changing budgets.

As part of Computer Weekly this blog has access to research carried out by our parent company Techtarget. The research covers every technology area and there is some really good material about what CIOs and IT leaders are investing their budgets on.

I have just received the results of a survey about IT services so I am going to reveal the results, which are extensive, in parts. I have the results of the same survey carried out in Europe and North America.

Here in Part I, can reveal how IT services budgets are expected to change next year.

In Europe 27.7% said IT services budgets will increase and 27.8% said they will decrease, while in North America 32% said budgets will increase and 18.1% said they will decrease.. In Europe 39.4% of respondents said that budgets will stay the same compared to 43.6% in North America.

The remainder in both cases, about 5% in Europe and just over 6% in North America have no plans to use outside services.

Graph 1: What will your IT services budgets be like next year. Europe (137 respondents).

Graph 2: What will your IT services budgets be like next year. North America (172 respondents).

Tomorrow I will report the survey findings about what is driving IT services spending.