Don't worry about us sending jobs to India because companies there will come here and employ you

This blog often reports on the controversial subject of offshoring IT work. Although the blog is about IT outsourcing, I sometimes think it is dedicated to the debate about how offshoring is changing the UK workforce.

Many of the posts I do might reflect badly on suppliers from India. But this is not deliberate but rather the fact that India is so big in IT outsourcing. Also the big US and European suppliers are just as responsible for UK jobs being sent overseas after all.

But I thought I should point out the research I read about last night.

The research has been carried out by IBM, which has been criticised for sending US jobs overseas, and is titled: “Working Beyond Borders.”

It found that companies in growth markets such as India and China are increasingly recruiting people from countries with mature Markets such as the US and those in Europe.

For example over half of the India companies surveyed said they plan to increase their workforce in North America as do a third of Chinese companies.

This is what IBM said: “The silver lining of globalization is that shift toward expansion will require companies to redirect their work force to locations that provide the greatest opportunities, not just the lowest costs, and at the same time re-imagine their management strategies to reflect an increasingly dynamic workforce.”

IBM probably wants the Indian companies to take some of its own staff in Europe and the US because it is cutting them left right and centre. As are other suppliers such as HP.

Indian IT supplier HEROtsc, recently announced that it is creating 200 jobs in Scottish call centres . It already has 1,600 workers in 7 Scottish call centres.

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Except they won't employ UK-based staff, especially if the EU opens the flood gates so companies do not even need to use the ICT scam to import computing trainees to be trained up at their European customers' expense. In any case, your own interview with WIPRO's European boss Jeffrey Jalil proved that they may talk "recruit locally" but they don't actually do so. (

Why don't you put Jeffrey in touch with the head of HR at Lloyds? It sounds like he might be able to find a couple of thousand experienced UK-based IT staff there in the next few months.

Tougher visa restrictions and higher visa costs are resulting in more hiring in the US:

I hope the UK government notices this.

You can also find jobs and also work of out sourcing. thanks for giving details of outsourcing work. There are so many posting in it department in India jobs.

Outsourcing custom software development is not uncommon today. Large corporations and even small businesses prefer to work with outsourcing companies.

thanks for your information.

In addition, I think the extension of China-based brands will likely include hiring US-staff for sales, marketing, support here to support their global branding push.


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