Does outsourcing software testing make things better?

I recently wrote an update article about progress being made in a software testing methodology.

The independent Test Maturity Model integrated (TMMi), as it is known, has five stages and the long and short of it is that the testing is carried out throughout the development process rather than when it is finished.

As a result a lot of money can be saved.

See this article about it

There is a growing proportion of suppliers going through accreditation. This supports a trend that has seen more and more companies outsource testing. According to analyst Nelson Hall, the global testing services market was $8.4bn in 2011, and although 2012 is expected to be flat, it predicts an average 9% growth every year over the next five years.

Suppliers are putting themselves through TMMi hoping to differentiate. TMMi accreditation, for example, gives tier two or three suppliers a chance to stand out against bigger competitors.

Customers are beginning to request it so suppliers are having to do the groundwork. “We have seen a trend for request for proposals (RFPs) to request the level of TMMi they want for a project,” said, Geoff Thompson, chairman of the UK Testing Board and consultancy director at Experimentus.

Speaking to me last year IDC said that specialist software testers are increasingly in demand. Jennifer Thomson, software testing researcher at IDC, said that in the past software testing has been bundled with projects and often done at the end of the software development lifecycle, but businesses are increasingly contracting independent software testers to test throughout software development.

“There is a lot more interest in standalone testing across Europe because there is a focus on quality,” she said. “When we started looking at software testing about 18 months ago, it was predominantly a process that was added at the end. It was often a reaction to a business requirement rather than a sound methodology.”

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