Does NHS IT announcement raise more questions than it answers?

Ovum made an interesting point in reaction to the Department for Health’s announcement about the NHS IT project.

Here are her comments. I am interested to hear more so please comment on this post.

Cornelia Wels Maug, senior analyst at Ovum said the statement raises more questions than it answers.

“How will this move affect the needed modernisation of the UK’s healthcare IT? Will this not add further to the many delays that we have already witnessed?

“Who will lead the overall process and oversee that interoperability of systems, which lies at the core of a modern healthcare system, is ensured and sets a timescale to work to? Another important question arises regarding the spending restrictions that the government imposed on IT projects which are no longer allowed to be in excess of £1 million. Will this also apply to the healthcare sector?

“It will certainly have an impact on the UK’s IT services landscape, resulting in less business for the largest suppliers to the NHS, but opening the stage for competition for smaller vendors who were excluded from this business before.”