Do UK unions welcome member transfers to growing companies such as Huawei?

I was recently at a meeting with Huawei’s head of managed services.

Leroy Blimegger, global head of managed services at Huawei, was telling me all about the company’s growing UK managed services business. Its customers are the carriers. Here is an article I wrote.

There is quite a lot going on in the carrier space as companies try and get their networks in order to compete in today’s market where consumers and businesses are very demanding.

People want wireless, mobile and fixed services and data traffic is now huge. Networks are more critical to the business customers of carriers than ever before so many are looking at outsourcing the support and management and if they already have will be looking at the options in the service provider space.

When a network managed service provider takes on a new customer there is always a major transfer of staff. Whether its in-house staff or staff from a previous supplier there is a significant HR overhead.

I write a lot about public and private sector workers transferring to suppliers. Although some have had good experiences, see this article about Capgemini’s Bob Scott, there is often a very negative response to being transferred to a supplier..

But Blimegger said: “Unions are happier to transfer staff to Huawei because it is growing.” This makes sense and as Huawei grows in the UK it will want a good experienced workforce. The company said it expects to increase its UK staff from 800 to about 1500 over the next year.