Desktop virtualisation just a stop gap - but an important one

I met up with Accenture‘s CIO today. Frank Modruson is the person responsible for the outsourcing giant’s internal IT. I will be writing a long interview piece for Computer Weekly but I will blog a selection of what he said.

I thought his view on desktop virtualisation was controversial enough to blog about first.

He has been global CIO at Accenture for ten years and before that, from1987, he worked on the customer facing side at the company. So he has a good view of what CIOs want and what IT service providers can offer.

My title was intended to shock a bit. It is a bit controversial to describe one of the fastest growing technologies as a stop gap but when I asked Frank Modrusom about whether he was using it internally he said no.

“I do not need virtual desktops because in 2001 my predecessor decided to move to browser based applications,” he said. He added if he bumped into that person today he would give him/her a big hug.

I listened to another CIO present recently at Computer Weekly’s CW500 Club. He said the company does use desktop virtualisation so staff can access the applications they need from any device anywhere, providing they have an internet connection – but that in time he sees it as an interim technology that will eventually be discarded. So same functionality but different name.

Mind you Modruson did stress that if an organisation has not got the functionality required to enable applications to be accesses anywhere desktop virtualisation is a very effective and fast way of doing so.

“It is a way to get to the same situation quickly.”

So how long will desktop virtualisation be a buzzword?

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